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7 Best Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

So, lavender oil is that oil you hear a lot about like it’s good for this, it smells nice, it’s used for this and that but do we really know why it is good for what it’s good for? Straight to the point; Lavender essential oil smells good! It always come in a concentrated formulation… Continue reading 7 Best Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

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What is in our Moisturiser?

Everywhere we go or look, we see moisturise this, moisturise that. We go into the store and we grab a moisturiser because it says so on the package but what exactly is in our moisturisers?? What substance is the reason our face stays moisturised? I have created a reasonable amount of words to read with… Continue reading What is in our Moisturiser?

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Black-Owned Beauty Brands available in the UK

Hello readers, Recently, I was searching up on black owned brands that I could have access to and it was just a bit annoying that most of these brands were located in the US and they weren't any of their products in the UK so over the past few days, I did some research on… Continue reading Black-Owned Beauty Brands available in the UK