A twenty-something young lady with a passion for haircare, skincare, brownie and ice cream

I have oily skin and I used to get worried a lot because of it when I was younger. Oily skin is prone to acne and I definitely had it really bad when I was younger but now thanks to research and experiments on myself, I am a survivor of acne.

Also, having transitioned to natural hair and finding out I have 4c hair, thanks to research and experiments on myself, again lol, I have found what works best for me and I am wiling to share.

I decided to become a blogger because what other way to share the information I have about hair and skin. Also, share my opinions on makeup brands.

I do hope you enoy reading my blog and gain a thing or two from it. Please feel free to contact me by email; Bibiebeautylab@gmail.com

And also you can keep up with me on my social media, it will be great to have you there

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