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Why is Expired Yogurt Good For The Skin?

You know how skincare youtubers swear by using yogurt and other ingredients for the face. Guess what is even better? Expired Yogurt! I guessed it first lol. Yogurt is one of those food ingredients that you should know you are not wasting your money on, whether it is for the skin or the hair or for food purposes, you cannot go wrong with it in its non-expired or expired state.

How To Identify An Expired Yogurt?

The first thing to look for is usually the expiring date on the packaging but sometimes, the yogurt is still good even after the expiring date. Another way to identify an expired yogurt is by the smell. This one is very effective. An expired yogurt has a strong foul smell like spoiled/expired milk. The smell is not great but the nutrients are.

What Makes Expired Yogurt Special?

Yogurt is fermented milk made by heating the milk and incubating it for hours. Yogurt is formed when bacteria ferment the milk sugar known as lactose into lactic acid. The lactic acid produced from this process causes the yogurt to become acidic, which is safe to eat of course and also good for the skin. An expired yogurt will produce more lactic acid because more fermentation is happening. Lactic acid is the active ingredient in yogurts and is also known as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), an ingredient that helps in reducing improving your skin’s texture. It is great for gently exfoliating and hydrating sensitive skin.

How Expired Yogurt Helps With The Skin?

So now we know that yogurt contains lactic acid and expired yogurt contains more lactic acid. Applying expired yogurt on the skin is basically applying more lactic acid on the skin and don’t be alarmed! It’s not a bad thing. The pH of the facial skin is between 4.5 and 5.75. I would say 5.5 is an average of the skin’s pH. The pH of Yogurt is in the range of 4-4.6 and this pH works well with the skin in achieving its purpose of brightening the skin.


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