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10 Skincare Tips For This Autumn

The sun is starting to hide and the old is starting to creep in. This year, we all started shivering in August, which means autumn came sooner than we thought but at this time of the year, we an’t even be surprised by anything happening anymore. It’s September and we should be thankful to still be alive and for that let’s see what skincare tips we should start adding to our autumn regime.

1. Start Oil Cleansing

The weather is getting cold and it could dry out the skin. Oil cleansing is a way to retain moisture in the epidermis and also help remove debris that water can’t. You can read more Cleansing Oil and How to make Cleansing oil for Oily skin, Dry skin and for Sensitive skin.

2. Start Steaming Your Face

During the cold months, the pores start to close and it is almost as if your skin is not breathing well. Yes the pores should be closed but not all the time. Steaming the face is a way of opening the pores and letting the skin breathe in warm air.

3. Start Using Heavy Moisturisers

Lightweight moisturisers were for the sunny hot days but we’re moving to autumn where it is cold and just cold all day. For dry skin, it’s best to wear heavy moisturisers during the day and at night so keep the skin hydrated all day. For oily skin, you can stick to a lightweight moisturiser during the day and use a heavy night cream before bed to get more hydration.

4. Include Leave In Oils In Your Regime

This is very essential for every skin type. It’s autumn, autumn prepares you for the colder and possibly snowing months of winter. Yes you oil cleanse but also using a leave in oil after using your moisturiser is great. It seals in the moisture and helps protect the skin.

5. Make Hyaluronic Acid Your Close Friend

So lately I’ve become obsessed with hyaluronic acid and it should be worn all her round but autumn is when you should start getting serious with it. Hyaluronic acid is great for the skin and I recommend The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2%+ B5 and you can read my review and ingredient checklist on it here.

6. Exfoliate Your Lips!!!

This one I cannot stress enough, what’s worse than seeing chapped lips is having chapped dry lips. Chapped lips are painful let’s be honest because overtime if you don’t exfoliate your lips, the dryness and flakiness results to peeling and could leave to an open wound on the lips, which are unnecessarily painful. If you want to read more on caring for lips, click here.

7. Moisturise Your Lips

After exfoliating your lips, it’s always good to moisturise your lips. Everyone’s go to lip moisturise is Vaseline and it does a wonderful job.

8. Switch To Chemical Exfoliation

In autumn, the weather is cold and becomes harsh to the skin so manual exfoliation does not seem like a great idea during autumn. Chemical exfoliation is much better because it is gentler on the skin and it is actually mush easier to do than manual exfoliation. Skin chemical peels are a way to go. To read more in depth on chemical exfoliation, read on Chemical Peels.

9. Include Hydrating Masks in Your Regime

This season of the year is all about adding more hydration . A great way to do that is by pampering yourself to a hydrating mask. You could buy some hydrating masks in shops like these.

10. Invite The Famous Retinol Back Into Your Regime

Retinol is known for its collagen boosting and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles but one thing is that it is sensitive to the sun so bringing it back in autumn is a great way to plump your skin when it is less sunny.


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