Protecting The Hair & Scalp From UV Rays

From the beginning of time, we hear that we must always wear sunscreen for our skin especially our face since it is never covered but what about our hair? We wear sunscreen on our skin because we want protection from UVA and UVB rays. UV rays are able to penetrate the skin and cause a chain reaction with some of the elements in the body, which could lead to various illnesses. The sun is a great provider of vitamin D for the hair but it can also cause some damage to the hair. Even when it is not sunny, UV rays are still existent because they are able to pass through the clouds.

The UV rays released by the sun is also able to penetrate the hair shaft and cause chain reactions that could lead to the hair losing a lot of nutrients needed to keep the hair healthy. Also, the scalp is skin so it needs to be protected from the sun, heat and UV rays in particular.

How To Protect The Hair and Scalp

  • A simple way to protect the hair and scalp is to wear a hat. A hat may not protect all of your hair if you have long hair but the scalp is protected and that is good enough
  • It is good to always apply a hair mask containing SPF.
  • The sun can burn the scalp when exposed so it is important to apply SPF to the scalp before heading out.
  • The ends of the hair strands are always weaker and more prone to damage because they are much older than the hair near the roots so it is necessary to always apply more products to the ends.


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