How To Prepoo Your Hair Correctly

In the world on naturalistas, 4C, 4B, 3C queens, curly and coily haired empresses, prepoo has become a norm and we love it for its benefits. Prepoo-ing the hair hours before shampooing your hair gives the hair the moisture it requires before the scalp is being washed clean. No matter what we do to our hair, we always want to keep the moisture intact in our hair.

What is Prepoo?

Prepoo-ing is the act of adding moisture and locking the moisture in the hair before shampooing they hair which may strip off some moisture.

Most people like to prepoo using an oil because of the slip it might give the hair and they believe some of the oil is penetrating into the hair to retain moisture.

How to Prepoo Correctly

Starting with dry hair, you want to add actual moisture to the hair first and what’s a better way than to spritz with some warm water.

Some people might prefer adding more moisture from a different source other than water such as aloe vera or rice water or even oat water

Basically, always start with warm water and if you do prefer, add more moisture content from other sources

After adding moisture, you want to add some oil to lock in the moisture and retain that moisture. For this to happen, you will need a penetrating oil, also know as moisturising oil, not a sealing oil. This is where a lot of people go wrong. You want an oil that will penetrate the hair shaft and be able to retain the moisture added to the hair.

Using a sealing oil does not make sense because the hair cannot absorb sealing oils and when shampooing, the sealing oil will be washed away without the hair absorbing any oil that will retain the moisture in the hair. To read more on penetrating oil, check out my post here to read on which oils are great at moisturising the hair.

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