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7 Best Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

So, lavender oil is that oil you hear a lot about like it’s good for this, it smells nice, it’s used for this and that but do we really know why it is good for what it’s good for?

Straight to the point; Lavender essential oil smells good! It always come in a concentrated formulation so the smell tends to be too strong to smell that nice scent but once diluted the smell is gracious.

So what are the best uses of lavender essential oil and why?

1. As a diffuser

Okay so, we know lavender smells so good why not use it as a diffuser? The smell is the first thing we notice so being used a diffuser will be great. I personally suit as a diffuser because it does set me in this uplifting mood.

Using lavender oil as a diffuser in a way links to aromatherapy especially at nighttime. It is really soothing. It also helps relieve stress.

Now to the why, the smell from lavender oil send signals to the brain to release oxytocin, which is a natural stress reliever

2. Laundry Freshener

Again, lavender smells really nice so why not use it to freshen your laundry. I personally like to add about 10 to 20 drops of lavender essential oil to my liquid detergent before use.

Some laundry detergents are just for cleaning so there is no fragrance to light up your laundry. Lavender oil, being an essential oil that carries no harsh chemicals is great as a freshener for your laundry.

3. Body fragrance

This does not necessarily mean an actual lavender body cream or body spray but you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil into your body cream or face cream just to leave a nice sweet scent.

Lavender oil being an essential oil has a strong scent that lasts for hours so it’s always nice to add to your body cream.

4. Bath Oil

Adding Lavender oil to your bath links to aromatherapy. The osmosis that occurs helps with relaxing the body and calming the mind.

5. Scalp Treatment Oil

Lavender oil is great for treating the scalp. You can use it as an oil massage with a carrier oil. If you’re dealing with hair thinning or hair edges growth, lavender oil is for you.

Why? it is antimicrobial properties; it helps prevent bacteria and fungi from growing. It also helps itchy scalp, dandruff and some infections.

6. Pimple Killer

I know tea tree is famous for treating a pimple but lavender oil is just as much great for treating a pimple. So apply some lavender oil on pimple and let it do it’s work.

Why? Some pimples are bacteria and lavender oil has antibacterial properties, which helps fight the bacteria causing the pimple.

7. Face steamer

Steaming your face with just hot water is nice but it’s nicer with some lavender oil. With the heat from the water and the diffusing of the antimicrobial oil into those open pores, your skin is about to glow beautifully.

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