How To Differentiate Between Loose Pigment And Loose Glitter

For my newbies in the makeup and beauty community, there might be a bit of confusion when you hear loose pigment being used for a particular eye makeup and loose glitter for eye makeup.

Both of them do almost the same job which is add a bit more dazzle and bling effect to the eye makeup although they are different and that is why one can be used for one eye makeup and the other can be used for another kind of eye makeup.

Loose Pigment

Loose Pigment is almost self explanatory. It is an eyeshadow pigment in its loose powder form. They come without the binder that is used in pressed eyeshadow palettes . The binder takes out some of the hue from the eyeshadow.

Loose pigment can come in matte powder form and in shimmer powder form. For example the popular neon pigments that come in 5 colours are loose matte pigments.

Loose Glitter

Everyone is quite popular with this. Loose glitter usually don’t come with the binder used for pressed glitter in pans so a glitter glue is needed for them to stay in place when applied on the eyelids. Loose glitter eyeshadows give more of a bling 3D effect.

Loose glitter does not have any pigmented eyeshadow so most times they are used on top on pigmented eyeshadow to give more effect. They can be used on their own without any pigment depending on the look you’re going for.

Loose glitter comes in different sizes and each have their own effect. Most time people use the fine glitter alone or use both he chunky and fine glitter together to give more bling and 3D effect.

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