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Why Should You Oil Cleanse?

It’s not news that skincare brands either have a cleansing oil or micellar water as part of their skincare regimen products to sell so oil cleansing should not be new to you. Although, knowing the benefits and why you should be oil cleansing is why you should be here reading this.

What is Oil Cleansing

Oil Cleansing is the use of natural essential oils to clean and wash off dirt, oil, sweat, grime and makeup from the skin. It works on the principle that oil dissolves oil and oil based products.

Benefits of Oil Cleansing

  • It deep cleanses the skin by removing dirt and makeup that water based cleanser cannot remove.
  • It removes impurities without stripping the skin.
  • It helps unclog pores
  • It helps fight acne. It helps by regulating oil production especially on oily skin. Oily skin will produce oil when the skin is dry and being stripped but with oil cleansing, you’re giving the skin some oil, this way the skin won’t produce oil.

How to Oil Cleanse

For this, there are two ways . The Korean Beauty way and the Wash Cloth way

Korean Beauty Oil Cleansing

The Korean Beauty oil cleansing is beneficial to all skin types especially oily skin. Oil cleansing is the first step in the Korean Beauty skincare routine.

The Korean Beauty oil cleansing method involves using oil only, the cleansing oil is applied on the face and massaged into the face and this way the oil is magnetised to the dirt and makeup and sweat. The oil mixed with makeup and dirt is then washed off with some lukewarm water and carry on with the next steps in the routine.

Wash Cloth Oil Cleansing

For this method, a wash cloth, preferably a muslin wash cloth and cleansing oil are used. I prefer to do this after water cleansing but some people might choose to do it before using a water based cleanser.

  • Wash the face with a water based cleanser and rinse it out with some lukewarm water.
  • Apply and massage some cleansing oil to the face.
  • Dip the muslin cloth in hot water and squeeze out the excess water
  • Place the cloth all over your face for a few seconds. The heat speeds up reaction.
  • Wipe your face with the cloth before removing it from your face

This way my face has been restored with some beneficial oils and my face is left feeling smooth and clean.

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