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How To Make Cleansing Oil For Oily Skin

I made a post on why we should oil cleanse and I’m here to show you how to make one for oily skin. For oily skin, we do want to use oils that have very low comedogenic rating; meaning they aren’t likely to clog pores. Also, they can’t be absorbed by the skin.

Type of oils you need

  • Base oil
  • Core oil
  • Luxury oil
  • Essential oil

Base Oil

This is the main cleansing oil that offers antibacterial properties, it is able to remove impurities. For this type of oil, you’ll need 30% of it in your formulation.

For oily skin, the perfect oil will be castor oil. Castor oil is a great antibacterial and acts as an astringent cleaner.

Core Oil

This is the oil that works best for your skin and in this case it’s oily skin. You’ll need 50% of this oil in your formulation.

Core oils that are perfect for oily skin oil cleanse are safflower oil and grapeseed oil.

Luxury Oil

Luxury oil is the 20% left of the formulation. This part of the oil isn’t necessary but if you do have it at home, then it’s a plus. Luxury oils are quite expensive compared to base oil and core oil for cleansing oil.

For oily skin, luxury oils would be jojoba oil, argan oil, Primrose oil, rosehip oil. For example jojoba oil is able to remove the old dirty sebum and replace it with fresh new one as its makeup is similar to the sebum the body produces.

Essential Oil

So essential oils are always concentrated so you don’t need a lot of this in your formulation. In a 100 ml formulation, you only need about 15 drops of essential oil.

The best essential oils for oily skin is tea tree oil, you can also opt for some sweet orange oil and some rose essential oil.

Hope this helps in your skincare regimen.


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