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How To Make Cleansing Oil For Dry Skin

For my dry skin babes, this is for you My previous post was on oil skin and now I can have your attention. or dry skin, we want oils that can be absorbed into the skin as well as skin that will stay on the skin. Check out my post on why oil cleansing is important

Type of oils you need

  • Base oil
  • Core oil
  • Luxury oil
  • Essential oil

Base Oil

The base oil is usually an actual cleansing oil and a very good cleansing oil that will remove impurities. A very good base oil is Castor Oil. it has astringent properties, which also means it can be very drying so for this homemade formulation, 10% of castor oil is fine.

Although, if you get extremely dry during the day or when you wake up the following morning, its better to skip castor oil.

Core Oil

The best core oils to use for dry skin are Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil. They both provide extra moisture. 50%-80% or more of core oil is what is needed for this formulation.

Luxury Oil

Luxury oils aren’t necessary but if you do have it or want to, then go for it. Luxury oils that are suitable for dry skin are Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil is known to remove impurities and suppl the skin with sebum that is similar to that which the skin produces so it is an excellent luxury oil. These oils are called luxury oils because they are quite expensive and provide an additional property to your skin. This oil will take up 20%-40% of your formulation depending on if you get extremely dry skin or not

Essential Oil

Essential oil for dry skin is not necessary at all especially if you cannot find a suitable one for how dry you get. Some essential oil that can be beneficiary to dry skin are chamomile oil, sweet orange oil, rose essential oil and lavender oil. If you do choose to go for essential oil, start with 5 drops per 100 ml and work up your tolerance to 15 drops per 100 ml

If you’re still doubting oil cleansing, check out why you shouldn’t here.


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