Simple Ways To Pull Off Yellow Eyeshadow This Summer

So summer is here, the weather is a bit off but some days we can flaunt our summer colours. Yellow being a very bright colour seems to scare some people, especially some girls with cool skin undertone and some dark skinned girls but I’ve come to tell you, all colours are meant for all skin tones and skin undertones. It’s just how we wear it that can bring them to life.

Just like I said earlier, yellow eyeshadow is for everyone but the style and shade of yellow eyeshadow you go for depends on your skin tone to your skin undertone to your eye colour to your eye shape.

1. The simplest form of wearing any eyeshadow and especially a bright colour like sunshine yellow is wearing the colour in the inner corner of the eyes and add a wing eyeliner. You can never go wrong with this style, from fair skin to deep dark skin. Match it up with a nude lipstick or nude lipgloss

2. Next up, we have the common way of applying eyeshadow, which is applying a matte finish of a yellow eyeshadow over the eyelids to brighten the eyelids especially if you have small eyes. This style suits all skintones. Match up the eye look with some clear or nude lipgloss.

3. Next, we have a similar look but more yellow eyeshadow blended towards the eyebrows. This is a louder look than the one above. To give this look that sass, add some bomb mink lashes with some clear lipgloss, or a peachy toned nude matte lipstick. Also, if you want to go extra, add some shimmer finish yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

4. Another way of pulling off yellow eyeshadow is adding that sharp wing eyeliner. Wing eyeliners and matte finish eyeshadows are always a combo that you cannot go wrong with. To snatch that look, add a complimentary colour like orange or a contrasting colour like blue on the under-eye and maybe a white liner on the waterline. Add some shimmer or loose glitter to the inner corner of the eyes and some dramatic lashes to top it up. For lips, you can go with a safe nude lipgloss or switch it up with some colours like red.

5. This next style is adding some colour on the eyelids along with yellow and because we want yellow to be our main focus, we are adding in some natural colours, any shade of brown will do. This is an everyday cut crease. Add some yellow glitter to dazzle it up. Nude lipgloss is always best with this look It’s summer, nothing says summer like lipgloss

6. Our sharp half cut crease is next. If you want to go the extra mile of perfecting that look, a sharp cut crease is the way to go. Add some wing liner if you wish and sprinkle those dramatic lashes for full effect. For lips, again if you want to play safe, opt for a nude lip; matte or glossy and if you want to go all out, try colours like red.

7. Next up is a full cut crease. It’s always best to use natural colours like brown to make the colour yellow pop.

8. Last but not the least is the halo eye makeup. Again, best with brown shades and add some dash of shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes.


For whichever style and shade you want to go for, always make sure to prime the eyelids. Yellow is that one colour that would rather pop on a white base rather than on any colour base so if you want that colour to pop, it’s best to opt for a white base, could be a primer or just a white concealer.

So if you have not tried a yellow eyeshadow because you are scared it will not come off as perfect as these makeup look, sis! try again and use a white base and try again because it is summer and you should be adding yellow to your makeup looks.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to go all out this summer.


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