Should I wash my new brushes before the first use?

Bibie Beauty Lab

Do you feel its unnecessary to wash your brand new freshly arrived brushes? Well same because I be thinking no makeup has touched it so why bother.


Sis we need to wash those new babies! I know it a bit stressful but its a thin now, lets make it a thing. The reason for this is because, we don’t know where they’ve been or what they been passed through before packaging. The packaging will always look pleasing but those brushes might have passed through the valley of the shadow of who knows what. During the production of the brushes, they could have accumulated some dirt and dust and we don’t want all of that on our face, do we?

Some brushes may have a thin protective coat of chemical from their processing and that could irritate the skin (when you think you’re breaking out and you think it’s from the makeup product? it’s from the newly brushes you probably didn’t wash before use aunty)


To prevent all these breaking outs, it’s always best to wash your new brushes and beauty blenders before the first use. I personally prefer to use baby shampoo and water and just let them air dry to get that strong glue scent off so next time you get a new makeup tool, please wash them to be on the safer side.


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