Matte Bronzer vs Contour Powder

Hey lovelies,

I’m guessing you’ve come here to know the difference between a matte bronzer and contour powder or if they are even the same thing. Well sis, you’ve come to the right place.

Firstly, I’m going to start off by saying they are not the same thing sis. I thought that too. I know.

What does a contour powder do?

The job of a contour, cream or powder is to create shadows and sharply sculpt the face so if you want to to make those cheekbones stand out or make the nose and face slimmer, contour is your friend in that area.

What does a matte bronzer do?

A bronzer subtly sculpts the face as well as give this natural-looking warmth to the face. A matte bronzer still does the same as a shimmer bronzer that we’re all used to. Matte bronzers are recommended for skins that has some blemishes in areas you’d use a bronzer. So if you want that warm subtle dark shade without the sharpness, a bronzer is your best mate.

Contour or bronzer, whichever one you choose to o for, remember to BLEND sis!

Don’t forget to like and comment below your favourite bronzers/contour brands.


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