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Oily Skin’s Best Friends


Foaming cleansers are excellent for oily acne prone skin. It’s ideal for removing oils and layers of makeup. I, personally prefer foaming cleansers as they tend to be drying after washing them off. I just like the feeling of my face being dry for a moment lol. My to go cleanser is African black soap, Biore Charcoal Cleanser is another great foam cleanser.


Acv helps in tightening the skin and it is safe to use in oily skin. It’s recommended to dilute it for use but once a week, I like to use the hot stuff. Acv is so good for oily skin. You can use as a toner with a cotton pad or as a spray toner.


It’s best to have a simple moisturiser that hasn’t got any trace of oil because it’s always better to apply the oil separately yourself than have a moisturiser with oil as an ingredient. My favourite is simple brand moisturiser.


Yeah I know but if we don’t give our face some oils, it will produce excess and we don’t like to see that. Almond oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil and shea butter are great oils for massaging and locking in that moisture.


This is a great chemical exfoliant for oily skin. It is a chemical peel solution that comes in different concentrations. It is great at unclogging pores as it can penetrate deep into the pores. Best to use once a week.

Hope this helps❤️

Bibie ❤️

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