The Skincare Routine That Saved Me

Enjoying the Sun knowing I’m close to my skin goal

Hello lovelies,

So as young adults, we want that glowing skin and be able to take that sun kissed selfie without having to hide a scar or pimple. Well for me, it was difficult when I had acne all round my pretty face 😭 but I found what works for me and I’m about to share them with you.

1. Facial Cleansing

One of the hardest parts of this routine. I washed my face twice daily with african black soap. The soap in particular I used is Extreme Glow Soap. It’s a Nigerian based brand that ships worldwide. I promise you when I say you will fall in love with this african black soap. Why it is one of the hardest parts is because I massage the soap on my face a good 30 to 40 seconds before rinsing it off with warm to cool water. It’ll feel like the longest 40 seconds of your life. Sometimes, I use a facial spin brush but with time I stopped.

2. Steaming

It didn’t matter the day I did it but I made sure I steamed my face at least three times a week in the evenings. After cleansing my face with the extreme glow soap, I’d get that big bowl of boiled water, get my tea tree oil, and a big towel. I steamed my face for at least 5-10 minutes

3. Blackheads Extraction

After steaming, I use my extraction tools, yes extraction tools😔 I’m a hoarder for skincare and that lol. I’d use them to extract the dried blackheads and you can try this at home. Obviously not the complicated tools, just simples ones. It is always better to find someone to do it for you.

4. Exfoliation

The days I don’t steam or extract, I exfoliate with my own homemade scrub. Pure honey + Sugar + some coffee grounds to give that nice smell. I exfoliate only at night because I have more time for self-care then. I exfoliate twice a week.

5. Toning

Next time is our toner, I made my own toner. Yes! Because I just really wanted to know what was in my toner instead of buying and buying and no result. Also, I didn’t need too many ingredients on my face for me to know if it’s working. My toner consists of water majorly, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and oregano oil. I only used my toner in the evenings because I wanted to make sure I actually cleansed my face with the toner. I’d use the toner with a cotton pad and continued until I saw no dirt on the pad.

6. Treatment

For this, I have two treatments. Pimple treatment and scar/dark spot treatment. For pimple treatment I use tea tree oil anytime possible, mainly in the evenings. I believe any pure tea tree oil will do the job. For my dark spots I use Palmers skin success fade cream for oily skin. I make sure to massage the cream on my dark spots only.

7. Moisturising

The one part everyone has to do! Although, I do this in the mornings only. I use the Simple Protect Light Moisturiser. The simple brand moisturiser has spf 15 and this is great because there isn’t a need to add another layer of sunscreen (I still do anyways lol)

8. Final Step

This is my favourite part because I know I can go to sleep after this. Seal everything I have done on my face with organic whipped shea butter. When I tell you shea butter is amazing and does wonders, it really is. I used to be skeptical about using it on my face because it’s almost like an oil and I’ve got oily skin. It really is the best moisturiser you could ask the earth for. Back to the topic, the brand I use is Glowbyadeyinka Shea Butter. The consistency of this shea butter is so fine and it is easy to apply. So I massage it onto my face until my face is glowing but not oily, if you get what I mean lol. And ya gal is ready to sleep!

All these I did , did not only work because I did them but also because of consistency and that is actually the hardest part but we can do this!

Hope you try some of these and it works for you!😘

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