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Bibie Beauty Lab

Hello readers,

As a first time blogger I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Bibie and I am a beauty enthusiast. I have always been interested in beauty since puberty lol. I was, before that time but just when I hit puberty and the acne came draining me of esteem, I have been researching and obsessing with becoming ‘beautiful’, which to me meant no acne, baby bum soft skin. Although, even right now my facial skin isn’t the baby bum soft one I always wanted but it’s getting there.

Back to the blog, I’m here to give tips on getting on track with that perfect skin we all desire. Truth be told, it’s hard! And at the same time it’s easy. It’s expensive and at the same time it’s cheap. Okay maybe not cheap cheap but it’s worth it.

Also, natural and relaxed hair tips!!! Yes relaxed, let’s not ignore our relaxed hair sistas. I, myself was one and I know I did not take care of it like I take care of my natural now because it was soft and detangled, what’s more to do?? All the same, it’s still hair and needs some love and care.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this. I know this is just an introduction but what’s to come, you won’t want to miss.


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